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Best Boulder Problems in Rocklands - 7B and up

Best Boulder Problems in Rocklands - 7B and up

Rocklands - an area that the world has known about for a long time but has exploded in popularity over the last few years. When you see the rock, you’ll understand why!

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There appears to be a strange correlation between many of the harder boulder problems in Rocklands and the best boulder problems in the world. People often indicate that they are one and the same.

Many agree that as the climbing difficulty increases in Rocklands, the rock faces becomes cleaner, the movements become more dramatic and the lines themselves become much more striking. It is at these harder levels that the true style of Rocklands bouldering begins to show itself - Big!

Big moves, big holds, big colours on big boulders. Rocklands is the supersized meal of the bouldering world and if that’s a style you can manage then it doesn’t get much better.

Below is a list of some of the best boulders Rocklands has to offer grades 7B and up. Terms like, “Perfect”, “A Dream”, “World class” and “Best in the World” come up regularly here. I don’t know about you but it sounds to me like we’re onto something...

(P.S. Looking for a bit easier problems? Check out the first part of this blog series: "The best boulder problems in Rocklands up to 7A")

Photo by Timo Junttila.

Photo by Timo Junttila.

7B Minki O. Waal - “Great route, all about how well you understand your own body.

7B The skink D. Graham - “It’s so good.”

7B Kangourou volant H. Mäkinen - “Perfect, laser cut arete - awesome line!”

7B+ Fire of Love N. Telford - “Overlooked and under climbed.”

7B+ The Rhino B. Iisager - “World class animal line!!”

7B+ Spudd Webb D. Markey - “Two totally exhilarating boulder problems packed into one!”

7C Pinotage D.Woods - “One of the best in the world”

7C Tomorrow I will be gone D. Graham - “The line is amazing but also hard to try. It's 7c but hard.”

7C Kingdom in the sky S. Noy - “So technical and aesthetically it's one of the cleanest, most pure lines.”

7C Sunset Arete D. Graham - “Incredible movement.”

7C The distance J. Annunen - “The most awesomest route from the all-star German giant, Martin. Go climb this line, NOW.”

7C Cedar Spine F. Nicole - “Bring all your pads for this beauty! One of the best arêtes in Rocklands.”

Photo by Timo Junttila.

Photo by Timo Junttila.

7C+ Splash of Red B. Zangerl - “One of the best arêtes in the world.”

7C+ Ultimate Warrior F. Filotto - “Incredible.”

7C+ Macho King S. Koponen - “Brilliant!”

7C+ Basic Instinct B. Zangerl - “Named after the survival instinct that Bernd had to resort to while topping out with only one pad and no spotters.”

7C+ The eye of Sauron D. Markey - “Willing to bet this will be seen as the best boulder in Rocklands soon.”

7C+ Hatchling M. Hribar - “Yes, it is the most unique / dramatic / psychedelic / futuristic boulder I ever climbed on.”


8A The End/Tony's big swoop Mattias BM - “The best jump to jug in rocklands. It’s pure distance, nothing about hitting it right and everything else is where you want it.”

8A Black Velvet G. Whiteside - “So so so satisfying…”

8A The beaten Path C. Bradburn - “I'm a scared little bitch.”

8A Gliding through the waves like dolphins S. Noy - “It's so weird, 3D crossing of your hands. Funky stuff!”

8A Strategic Balance C. Bradburn - “Super cool one. Totally different than any other Rocklands topouts.”

8A+ Peahi N. Hukkataival - “One of the last unrepeated, truly hard boulders in Rocklands.”

8A+ Shosholoza B. Zangerl - “Shosholoza is an awe-inspiring boulder problem and one of the best lines I've ever climbed.”

8A+ The Power and the Glory N. Hukkataival - “Gotta be one of the best boulders in Rocklands.”

Photo by Timo Junttila.

Photo by Timo Junttila.

8B Sky A. Gullsten - “Dream Line!”

8B El Corazon D. Woods - “AMAZING, dyno to a crimp high off the ground, scariest climbing moment of my life.”

8B Air Star N. Favre - “BOOOM!! So nice... A dream…”

8B+ Get Railed D. Graham - “It's so sick - all points off dyno and then perfect sculpted holds.”

8B+ Speed of Sound C. Bradburn - “One of the best I’ve climbed on. PSYCHED.”

8C Monkey Wedding F. Nicole - “After many years it still remains one of the hardest problems in Rocklands.”

8C+ The Finnish Line Everyone - Possibly the best line in the world.

8C+ Living Large It doesn't get better.

Text by Danaan Markey. 

Photos by Timo Junttila. If you want to see more climbing photos from him check out his Instagram account!

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Newsflash: Kalymnos .premium topos published!

Newsflash: Kalymnos .premium topos published!

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