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Summer Climbing in Arco - Best Crags

Summer Climbing in Arco - Best Crags

Summer is often a tricky season when it comes to climbing. In many popular areas the temperatures rise so high that climbing in the sun is definitely out of question. Then again, if you want to spend your summer holidays climbing in Europe while enjoying amazing mountains and lakes, Arco could be your choice!

Even though the summers are warm in Arco, there’s many shady and breezy crags where you can escape the sun. And if the sun gets unbearable or you want to take a rest, there’s plenty of lakes to jump into for cooling down. You can even combine these two and try some deep water solo (DWS)!

Here’s a list of great crags for the summer months gathered by the local climbers Luca Onorevoli and Nicola Trenti, who are also the authors of the beautiful Arco climbing guidebook in 27 Crags.

Crags Close to Arco

Adriano climbing the traverse of  Serenella . Photographer: Davide Ricci.

Adriano climbing the traverse of Serenella. Photographer: Davide Ricci.

Terra promessa: Best time to visit is in the early morning. Offers 70+ climbing routes of all grades and styles.

Piccola Dallas: Works from morning till the first hours of the afternoon and the grades start from 6c. Sector Spagna works better in the summer since the holds are generally not so small.

L’Orto sector in Laghel: L’Orto offers technical routes especially in the grades 5-6c, and there’s also routes up to 8a. During the summer the crag works best in the afternoon.

Mandrea: Compared to other crags, Mandrea offers mainly physical climbing in higher altitude. Works best in the afternoons.

Limarock in Limaró sector: In the shade all day thanks to its north exposure. Short and easy approach and few and hard routes.

Serenella: DWS! Great option where cooling down is easier than ever.

Alberto Ferrazza in  Val Algone . Photographer: Luca Onorevoli

Alberto Ferrazza in Val Algone. Photographer: Luca Onorevoli

Crags North of Arco

About 30min drive from Arco is Ledro valley which offers many beautiful crags to explore during the summer. Besides climbing, it is possible to enjoy the day by the Ledro lake.

Waterfalls in  Lares .

Waterfalls in Lares.

Finale Ampola and Futur Ampola-sectors in Ampola: Finale Ampola offers plenty of easy routes (5+ and up) and works best in the morning. Futur Ampola is in the shade in the afternoon and has harder routes.

If you don’t mind driving little bit further from Arco, here’s few great options:

Lagolo and Vason sectors in Bondone: These crags are situated in over 1000 meters of altitude making them great options for the summer months. Lagolo has 10 routes between 7a-8b and Vason offers easier grades out of which many work also for children!

Comano: Best in the morning until the first hours of the afternoon. Comano offers beautiful vertical routes in variety of grades and in a beautiful area.

Val Algone: Best in the morning till the first hours in the afternoon. Val Agone has a huge amount of routes in the sixth grade and there’s a nice river close to the crag!

Verdes: Beautiful and peaceful forest crag situated close to a monastry. During the summers morning session is your best choice. Verdes has approximately 30 routes especially between 6a-7a grades.

Lares: This crag is nestled in the beautiful Genova valley full of waterfalls. The crag has about 20 routes especially in the 7c grade.

Now it’s time to start planning the trip! Check full info and the most up-to-date climbing guidebook of Arco from the link below. ⤵️

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