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Best Summer Climbing Destinations Outside of Europe

Best Summer Climbing Destinations Outside of Europe

Having your holidays on summer, or just looking for some new destination to try out? Check out these amazing places where climbing works even during the summer months!

P.S. If you're searching for places in Europe to go when the heat is peaking, no worries. Here's another blog covering European destinations!

South Africa

Paul Robinson on first ascent of The Tanooki Myth V11/8A in Driehoek, South Africa

Paul Robinson on first ascent of The Tanooki Myth V11/8A in Driehoek, South Africa

South Africa has many more climbing areas besides the famous bouldering area of Rocklands. There are a few bouldering areas also close by to Clanwilliam, rope climbing and bouldering through the Cape Town area, rope climbing (ARJAN) and the beautiful rope climbing area of Waterfall Boven

While getting to South Africa is not super affordable, once you are there, if you share a car and accommodations with some friends, it's very affordable. Food is much cheaper, non climbing activities are much cheaper, wine is cheaper. There are tons of non climbing activities if it rains and each area has a mixture of sunny and shaded areas to choose from based upon temperatures. A unique attribute is that each area has completely different styles of rock. Plan a trip where you get to explore a few areas and you won't be disappointed.

  • Language: English
  • Currency: Rand
  • Accommodation: Lots of options throughout Clanwilliam but book well in advance. Mostly rooms in houses or full houses, but there are some camping and guesthouses in Rocklands. Cape Town is full of hotels and Air BnBs and very affordable
  • Airport: Capetown For all climbing except Waterfall Boven, which is Johannesburg.
  • Climbing Shop: Yes in Cape Town and at Johannesburg gyms
  • Food: Clanwilliam has plenty of options, Cape Town is a thriving city

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Chimanimani National Park: Zimbabwe

Paul Robinson on the first ascent of The White Flame

Paul Robinson on the first ascent of The White Flame

This is an extremely new bouldering area located in Chimanimani National Park. However, there is an excellent only PDF guidebook, a film (Uncharted Lines) with an entire section dedicated to the lifestyle and climbing of the park, and Derrick (creator of the guidebook) who will gladly accompany you and share all that he knows!

The climbing is world class and the scenery is beautiful, but much of the country runs on cash and the banks sometimes have cash flow problems- get plenty out when you go. While the food is nothing memorable, the wild life parks and the drive to the National Park is unforgettable. This is the perfect destination to link with a South Africa trip as you more than likely won't want to rough it in the park for too long with the far distances from fresh food and real civilization.

  • Language: English
  • Currency: USD
  • Accommodation: Either camping at the base or in a cabin at the top that has no water or electricity but everything is organized through the National park.
  • Airport: Harare or Bulawayo
  • Climbing Shop: No
  • Food: Stock up in Masvingo


Paul Robinson on The Anvil (V12/8A+) in The Grampians

Paul Robinson on The Anvil (V12/8A+) in The Grampians

In Australia you can either head to the Blue Mountains, Arapiles, the area surrounding the Grampians or Tasmania. Just like South Africa, each sector provides vastly different styles of rock and scenery and it is suggested to have a minimum of a month in order to experience what this country has to offer.

Prices are on par with America except for gas, which is more expensive in every country than the USA. The wildlife is wonderfully unique and there are vineyards, olive groves, beautiful drives, hikes and beaches to explore on rest days. The weather can be fickle, sometimes hot or raining for many days at a time- another reason that a longer trip is better.

  • Language: English
  • Currency: Australian dollars
  • Accommodation: Depends where you want to climb. There are many cabins and campsites available in many of the spots.
  • Airport: Depends where you want to climb.
  • Climbing Shop: In Melbourne and Sydney and one in Arapiles.
  • Food: Within 40 minutes of most accommodation there will be a grocery store or restaurant.

Castle Hill/Flock Hill: New Zealand

New Zealand has both rope climbing and bouldering but is definitely most famous for the bouldering at Castle Hill and Flock Hill. The landscapes are beautiful, there are so many other outdoor activities to partake in and the temperatures are cool during the hot northern hemisphere summer.

The rocks are slick, technical and offer predominately sloper holds so unless this is your style, don't be surprised if you don't climb your usual grade.

  • Language: English
  • Currency: New Zealand Dollars
  • Accommodation: Camping or a few options on AirBnB in Castle Hill, hostels or motels in Springfield. Many people rent and live out of vans like the Juicy Vans.
  • Airport: Christchurch
  • Climbing Shop: Christchurch
  • Food: Stock up with most in Christchurch.

Squamish: British Columbia, Canada

Squamish is a beautiful town nestled between the Howe Sound and the mountains. The water is turquoise, the mountains are filled with moss and trees- it is beautiful. If you like sushi, it doesn't get much better than this place either!

There is a great range of rope and bouldering to sample, hiking, biking, swimming and the towns of Whistler and Vancouver to explore. It can get really hot and buggy at times but its the driest time of year.

  • Language: English
  • Currency: CAD
  • Accommodation: Camping, hotels, AirBnB and hostel.
  • Airport: Vancouver
  • Climbing Shop: Yes
  • Food: Restaurants and grocery stores.

Lander: Wyoming, USA

 It is worthwhile if you come to the area to check out Wild Iris, Sinks Canyon and Ten Sleep Canyon. There is some free camping available near the climbing plus the town of Lander to be based from.

Being a northern North America area, this is a great spot to head during the summer when it is too hot in most of the states. July also hosts a climbing festival, which is a great way to get to know other climbers and the overall area better. There are also hot springs for rest days!

  • Language: English
  • Currency: USD
  • Accommodation: Caamping or Lander
  • Airport: No airport is that close but the easiest and cheapest flights are to Denver or Salt Lake City.
  • Climbing Shop: Wild Iris Mountain Sports
  • Food: Throughout Lander

Tuolumne: California, USA

Tuolumne is a beautiful alpine granite area located about an hour from Yosemite. Well known for its traditional climbing, its been seeing a lot of development on the bouldering end as well. 

There are also hot springs, plenty of hikes and fishing to be had in this area. It is more remote than most of our other suggestions but with that comes smaller crowds and more adventures. Be weary of summer storms and be prepared with rain gear.

  • Language: English
  • Currency: USD
  • Accommodation: Camping, lodge, cabins.
  • Airport: Reno is closest, but you could also fly in anywhere in northern California.
  • Climbing Shop: Tuolumne Mountain Shop.
  • Food: You can get some stuff right there but closest real grocery store is an hour away.

Rocky Mountain National Park/Mt Evans: Colorado, USA

Daniel Woods on Aslan (V14/8B+) in Lower Chaos Canyon of Rocky Mountain National Park.

Daniel Woods on Aslan (V14/8B+) in Lower Chaos Canyon of Rocky Mountain National Park.

The most central place to base yourself is Denver if you want to split your time between these two areas, of you can spend part of the time near Mt. Evans/Lincoln Lake and stay in Idaho Springs/Morrison/Evergreen/Golden and the other part of the time in Rocky Mountain National Park and stay in Estes Park/Longmont/Lyons/Boulder.

Both of these areas are frequented throughout the summer months, but you will find many more tourists in RMNP during July and August than you will at Mt. Evans and Lincoln Lake. Lincoln is Colorado’s highest altitude area so be prepared for crazy weather at any time during the summer. At Mt. Evans and RMNP bug repellent is suggested and bring plenty of water or a water filtration system for the long hikes. Crash pads can be rented at a few spots in the Boulder area.

  • Language: English
  • Currency: USD
  • Accommodation: Tons of AirBnB's and hotels options, cabins in Estes Park, a climber hostel in Boulder, camping is not common.
  • Airport: Denver
  • Climbing Shop: Yes, Neptune Mountaineering, Earth Treks, REI, Evo Rock + Fitness, pad rentals at The Spot Climbing Gym.
  • Food: Idaho Springs does not have much, Estes Park has a few options, Denver and Boulder are stocked full!

Stay tuned for the summer destinations in Europe!!

Text and photos by Alexandra Kahn


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Best Summer Climbing Destinations in Europe

Best Summer Climbing Destinations in Europe

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