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Interview with Ashima Shiraishi

Interview with Ashima Shiraishi

To piggy-back on the recent article by Olivier Mignon, we decided to conduct a little interview with Ashima Shiraishi.


27Crags: What are the places you traveled to this summer and who did you travel with?

AS: Over the summer I traveled to France then Switzerland for the first time!!! And I climbed with a few friends my age, Mirko Caballero, Drew Ruana and Brooke Raboutou!!!

27Crags: You seemed to travel all over with Mirko, how did you guys become friends and how did this trip come about?

AS: Well I've known Mirko from competitions, and when they heard at hat I wanted to go to Europe his family let me go with them.


27Crags: What was your favorite place you went?

AS: I'm not sure, both Céüse and Magic Wood were amazing places to climb!!!

27Crags: Do you have a favorite climb?

AS: No I don't have a favorite climb, because I have many climbs that I think are sick!!!

27Crags: What projects did you have to leave behind that you want to return for?

AS:I tried New Base Line 8B+, there was one move that was very big for me. Maybe then next time I go back I will get back on it!

27Crags: What are your climbing plans for this school year?

AS: During the school year I'm usually limited on how many trips I go to,so I'm probably going to train at the gym for competitions then in the winter and spring I will go to a trip or two!

27Crags: What are 2 things you always take on a climbing trip with you?

AS: Other than my chalk bag and climbing shoes, probably some Japanese candy and chocolate!


27Crags:You are coming out to Colorado to climb there for your first time, what are you most excited to try?

AS: I have heard about many cool looking climbs in Colorado, but I really want to try Jade even though it is a very hard climb!

* PRAK Media will be filming Ashima in Colorado for an Evolv piece so stay tuned for more details!

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